Thursday, December 8, 2011



Time to show your purpose losers and get drained by the hottest musclegod youll ever lay eyes on. My birthday which is on CHRISTMAS is coming up so get out that fagcash and shower me with gifts and tributes. Fags are nothing more then property to me that need to be branded and whored out. See me realtime hand over your cash while I pimp you out to my gym buddies and put you on Craigs List and turn you into the cocksucking trick that youve always dreamed about being. Maybe if your lucky ill turn you into a PORTA-FAG put a toilet seat over your face and use you as a toilet when I have one of my house parties. Youll be shackled and helpless and even have females I fuck squatting over you and spraying piss all over your face. Just completely humiliate you and make you realize your lower then shit. Ill take off my gym underwear when I get home and wring out my ballsweat right into your mouth. Faggots tongue is nothing more then a babywipe to lick out muscle ass. Go in my closet and shine all my fucking sneakers and shoes with that fag tongue and eat the dirt and grovel off the soles. Beg to eat my toenail clippings and toejam. Finally you will be in the presence of the ultimate alpha god 6'3 290lbs ripped that can toss you around like a ragdoll. Tributes are due worship STUDMUSCLE on cam now.. - UPDATED ALPHA BLOG

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