Monday, December 19, 2011

The 12 days of Service to Emperor Cris!

i am thankful for so much, but this holiday season i'm especially Thankful to Emperor Cris for allowing me to serve Him. it's so hard to describe the complete pleasure in giving to Him, so to mark this Holiday Season, He is taking what He wants from me each day!

it's wild to sit quietly and watch Him using TV, shopping for what He wants and then Paying for it with my credit card!!! When He got to the checkout, the look  on His face was so Powerful, in complete control. He totally understands how to use a cunt.

Day Twelve: He used TV and bought Himself a pair of designer shoes on Amazon for USD180, using my credit card. After the shoes were Paid for He told me my cc was now one of His forms of Payments. 

Day Eleven: Emperor Cris told me He didn't have time to spend with me today, but He did have time to use my cc on to Buy Himself a Black Leather Belt for GBP 70.00! i am so thrilled He now has my cc info and can't wait to see the Belt He picked for Himself. 

Day Ten: Today while Emperor Cris was cash raping a new faggot, HE asked me what it did to my brain to know HE was collecting from another faggot.  my only response was to go to my PayPal and send Him money. When He saw what it did to me, He laughed so hard, "Thought so bitch, LMAO".

Day Nine: Today Emperor Cris told me to spend time on sourcing things He might like and come up with a good list for Him to review. It was a blast for me to essentially "go shopping" for Him. i sent Him the list with 15 things on it. While i was at lunch, He put a killer Diesel Shirt into the cart and Paid  for the order using my cc. i can not be any happier for Him.  i'm checking my cc on-line everyday now hoping i see new charges. He knows exactly how to keep me weak and Paying for Him ! 

Day Eight: Yesterday i caught up with Him before He was headed out and He told me a couple of His buds were with Him and ready to party...i asked if it be would be okay if i Paid for all of them for their night out. That cracked Him up, "so do it cunt, LOL". He then showed me His buddies on Cam, 3 Romanian Men, all laughing at me while i was using PayPal for Him. it's a huge thrill to know that these Men can go out and party and not spend any of their own cash. 

Day 7: when i woke up i saw an off-line IM from Emperor Cris, sayen they partied hard, "listen up cunt, WE spent all the cash so Pay that shit again bitch, LMAO...cos I know u want to". So i just paid Him again. it kills me that He is out having so much fun. and He deserves it too. 

Day Six: i've been checking my cc account on-line like a maniac and finally i see a new charge !!! Emperor Cris just bought Himself something off of for Eur 67.39 !! i'm so happy for Him! 

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